I get to Ogden's Kundalini yoga class once a week but wish it could be more. Her classes truly embrace the whole person and connect spirit, breathing, and the physical. She is willing to share new knowledge to help keep body and soul healthy and well. Each class is well prepared and interesting , and I come away feeling refreshed and with ideas and movements that I can continue to use throughout my week.  Ann
I have been thinking about your wonderful yoga class and just wanted to thank you. You have such a beautiful light inside you. Be well, RC

I really enjoyed my first ever Vision Board Workshop.  The time went so fast, but in that short period of time I feel I learned a lot about myself.  I became aware that in order to find inner peace, I have to learn to forgive and let go.  Thank you for your knowledge and teaching me how to love myself.  It was nice spending the afternoon with such a lovely group of women.  TW

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your classes.  I only get to sneak it in now and then,  but I really do love it.   I tell people, "Don't be fooled by her ethereal white linen- you will feel some burn!"  And the chanting is also delightful!   JD

Thank you for coming and leading us last night. It was a nice moment and a wonderful opportunity to stop and feel the vibration.

Thank you for your time and being a supporter of Doylestown Haddasah.  You really are a special lady!

The first Kundalini class I took from Ogden I was hooked!  Her classes are like nothing I have ever experienced before.  An incredibly healing workout both physically and mentally, always with a beautiful meditation to end with.  I feel like I always learn something new and valuable from every class.  Ogden is so knowledgeable and she is a wonderful presence to be around.  CB

Odgen has a beautiful, experienced touch and knows intuitively the areas that need coddling, and the areas that need a firmer touch. During a massage, I lose sense of time and space and feel transported to another level of consciousness. Tension and stress melt away, and I leave feeling a deep sense of relaxation and healing in mind and body.  PS

This beautiful fall weekend has left me feeling incredibly rich and fulfilled. The gifts of wisdom, vulnerability and friendship were given in abundance so freely and genuine. Thank you to the incredible women who shared in this journey and to our fierce yogi queen, Ogden Kruger, for facilitating this amazing retreat. You are one cool chick! Until next time ladies...Sat Nam HAH

I am so grateful for your caring heart, your enthusiasm and indeed your grace! V.

My dearest Ogden,
 Today marks day 20 of my practice. I have noticed that overall in every day life, and specifically in vinyasa class, I am much stronger and my legs are more open. It feels amazing.    I'm able to keep pushing through the fear of failure that has been holding me back. I'm still full of fear, and I just acknowledge and keep going.
Today was the first day that I may have felt a spark of something 'kind' during the kissing kriya. I've been honoring the slight attachment I've felt toward the few crystals I have. And I've been feeling more sensation and energy in the palms of my hands most recently. I can feel the magic and science of the practice and am remaining open. I hope you can sense and feel the gratitude and respect that I have for you.  Your guidance is life changing and a part of me now. 💚
I'll keep keeping on..... 🕉  All my love  M.