Magic Carpet Ride

this is what came to me this breath is a carpet, an amazing and beautiful persian rug.

it carries me wherever i go following the wind and the willows and allows me to step back before i commit...before i commit to an act or a word or a judgement....if i remember that i am on this carpet at all times, that my carpet, my breath gives me pause and view and can move into each action or word with more compassion and more grace...

when you get a chance, take a ride on my little magic carpet, or rather your very own!

The Orange Pit

So, last night at a lovely Seder dinner the discussion of an orange on a Seder plate came up. Without going into deep discuss it symbolizes the right of anyone to practice what they believe in no one can be left out due to race, religion , sexual identity, disability or difference. This morning after my mantra meditation I used this analogy to do my own little pit spitting...spitting out my seeds of judgement, the pits that block me....give it a try and see what you can spit out!


Saturday Morning

simple breath and listening is what came to me this morning....after chanting, i decided to just listen, first to the sounds of my own breath, then the sounds in my room, then the sounds outside my room....i find that each time i try this practice i am able to go a little deeper or you might say a little further with my listening! 


simple mornings

Every morning before i leave the comfort of my nest, I meditate. With my husband Dan, I do an 11 minute mantra meditation. (we are on a 1000 day cycle) This mantra is to break through blocks, to build prosperity and keep us from being stagnant. After chanting, we move into another simple guided meditation from 10 - 20 minutes. Whatever enters my mind at the moment is how it goes. Sometimes it is just breath, other times it is a smile meditation or a guided chakra meditation or tonglen. It just comes. sometimes I will share these with you and you can let me know what you think.