Mind, body & soul.

Thai Yoga Therapeutics

Integrated Therapy, Embodied Bliss, Sound Healings

Using a combination of therapies, deepen your journey of wellbeing body and mind.

Invite yourself in for renewal, private coaching, bodywork, meditation practices moving towards peace of mind.

Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Bella Bacci Cupping, Aroma Touch Massage and Thai Yoga Therapeutics.-bringing energy, attention, consciousness, breath and pressure to the Sen (energy pathways) through compression, pressure, rubbing, and stretching.  

Pranayama-  prana, life force or vital energy, and ayama, to extend, or draw out, to improve overall health and function. Let’s breathe together and start to WAKE up!

Private Yoga and Meditation Instruction-develop a practice designed specifically for you. Creative Visualization-using mental imagery and affirmation to make positive changes in your life.